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Classes delve into a variety of topics surrounding natural eating and health. Check the class calendar for upcoming classes! Here is more information about what to expect for my classes:

Venue:   My goal in choosing a venue is that it be as inspiring as the contents of the class and facilitate students’ blooming into the ideas communicated and discovered during the session. I currently teach at The Florida School of Holistic Living and I am looking for a venue in Sarasota.

The Florida School of Holistic Living is in downtown Orlando. A hub for herbal medicine, natural health, and sustainable living in Central Florida, I am honored to be hosting classes at the School! The classroom is a cozy, bright room with comfortable seating. Check out all of the wonderful classes offered at the School here!

Tempeh and Sourdough class at FSHL May 2013.

Tempeh and Sourdough class at FSHL May 2013.

Content:   The aim for the content of my classes is to be a springboard for further learning. Content includes discussions on nutrition, history, new and interesting ideas, and at least as many questions as answers. I will bring to the table what I have learned through my training as a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and what I have discovered through personal research and experience.

class 1

Aged hot sauce and sour pickles class at FSHL June 2013.

Interaction:   Classes tend to be highly interactive, each person bringing to the class their expertise and experience with the relevant topics. In a very casual manner, discussion is encouraged and new discoveries are made by students and teacher through the sharing of anecdotes, experiences, research and stories. I attempt to connect with all types of learners during the class: auditory, visual and, always, experiential.

Class usually begins with introductions.  At the beginning of class, I will ask everyone to introduce themselves and say a little about what they do or are passionate about in life and what part of town they reside in. This helps me to get a sense of my audience and also for members of the class to connect with each other. Many fun and important connections are made through these classes! I will have a handout with relevant notes and recipes for those visual learners, and we will begin going over the topic at hand verbally. If you attend a food-related class, we’ll likely be creating at least one recipe during the class. (Hands-on learners rejoice!) Group discussion helps to further our learning, so please feel free to ask a question or share a relevant story at any time!

class 2

Making sauerkraut at Empath Yoga Teacher Training April 2013.

Results:   My hope is that after the class, you will feel inspired and equipped to try it on your own. Whether you learn to make sauerkraut or keep a food diary, I hope by the conclusion of the class, you will feel ready to take action and make positive developments in your life by starting a new practice, recipe or thought pattern. I also hope that taking my class is just the first step in a  series of new and interesting discoveries in your life of learning.

class 3

Kombucha, aged hot sauce and kim chi class at the Food Forest March 2013.

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