Kenyan Pastoralists Fighting Climate Change Through Food Forests

Photo: Robert Kibet/IPS

This is a fascinating article about reversing desertification in Kenya.

“[The] initiative to help the Samburu community plant the 18 species of indigenous fruit trees which are drought-resistant and rich in nutrients is also part of a major conservation effort in that the combination of ‘small-scale food security and conservation of indigenous trees. will also create a linkage between people and trees and they will protect them.'”

The world’s poor are suffering worst from the effects of climate change, such as in Africa and Pacific island nations. It seems this initiative is giving tools to people for furthering sustainability efforts that surpass where supposed “first world” nations are at.

Naomi Klein writes in her 2015 book This Changes Everything: Capitalism Versus the Climate, that countries which are being asked to preserve their natural resources, like rain forests that benefit the entire globe, deserve and are asking for remuneration from historically heavy carbon emitters like the UK and USA. Because rich countries are responsible for most of the carbon in the atmosphere causing climate change, I don’t see why we shouldn’t pay countries to preserve rain forests and other carbon sequestering natural resources.

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