Sounds Like Adventure

Journal Entry 5-30-2012:

As I sit by my campfire alone in the fields, though I am sweaty, dirty and plagued by stinging insects, I feel so grateful. A deep sense of satisfaction and a sleepiness after a long day’s work fill me up. The crackle of the fire and birds’ day-end songs are music to my too-long-silent ears. It took quite a few nights for me to adjust to the wild nightly sounds of the outdoors and sleep soundly. Hard day’s work don’t hurt either. Coming out here has caused me to confront and conquer many of my fears: more aloneness, creepy crawlies, new people and situations. Although, truthfully, many of those fears were transferred to me by others.

coconut on top

Above you see sauteed fresh farm food! We wwoofers joke that all our dishes taste the same: random sauteed seasonal veggies, soy sauce, garlic, onion, and probably some Sriracha. It’s all delicious though! I sprinkled some coconut on top of this one with some Thai basil from our garden for a little Eastern flavor. The fresh vegetables are so delicious, a different animal than what you can find in the store. They are picked literally minutes before consumption by me!

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